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DMA Enterprise Search Engine is a solution that helps to find the right information for the right person at the right time


Today’s organizations are flooded with information.

People, processes and applications need the right information at the right time to support timely decision making and enable appropriate action.

Based on IBM Omnifind Search Engine, DMA Enterprise Search Engine helps companies integrate, analyze and optimize heterogeneous information to manage risk and deliver
new business insight.

It delivers breakthrough enterprise search and discovery capabilities. Built on an open and
extensible architecture, it offers a unique and powerful combination of performance, security, scalability, enterprise reach, and openness for applying advanced text analytics. OmniFind Enterprise Edition helps companies transform business by improving productivity, maximizing
existing information assets and enhancing business insight. It is best suited for secure intranet deployments and analytics-based applications.

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  • Support more than 25 enterprise sources
  • Highly relevant and refined search results with state-of-the-art ranking techniques and advanced linguistic processing
  • Highly customizable out-of-the box search application
  • Subsecond response times while scaling to millions documents and thousands of users
  • Open platform for processing unstructured information to enable semantic queries


  • Reduce the risk of unauthorizedaccess by respecting the security of the underlying sources, and delivering a secure search experience every time
  • Minimize total cost of ownership by implementing a search system that is designed to integrate with your existing infrastructure
  • Focus valuable resources on solving business problems, leveraging new ideas and reducing time to market
  • Ready to use by taking advantage of new usability features, including a highly customizable out-of-the-box search application
  • Increase ROI for portal and collaboration applications by exposing all relevant enterprise content through a single portal search interface


  • Productivity gain for knowledge workers
  • Finding the right information for the right person at the right time

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