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ProjExec - Collaborative Project Management


Experience true enterprise-class collaborative project management for IBM platforms with ProjExec Enterprise, the web-based project management and collaboration solution designed to help project teams improve project execution and reduce operational project costs and project risks.

Developed by Trilog Group, ProjExec Enterprise includes all the advanced project management and collaborative functions needed to execute and control projects globally and in real-time. With our focus on IBM platforms, award winning ProjExec Enterprise is the leading professional project management solution for IBM WebSphere Portal Services, IBM WebSphere J2EE and IBM Lotus Quickr.

ProjExec Enterprise


ProjExec Enterprise is proven to reduce operational project costs and simplify project execution – especially for complex projects involving multiple project partners. Let your project teams – regardless of their location or organizational affiliation – enjoy the benefits of ProjExec Enterprise.


  • Complete project scheduling capabilities - Visual Gantt tracking components and two-way synchronization with MS Project
  • Real time collaboration - Presence awareness, IM, web conferencing and VoiP with seamlessly integrated Sametime or Skype
  • Time management – easy-to-use cross-project, cross-activity timesheets
  • Issue management – simply method to report and track project issues with advanced workflow to streamline issue resolution
  • Change management – easily monitor and control changes to project scope, estimate proposed impact on project schedule and obtain client approval in advance 
  • Document management - enterprise level document repository with role-based customizable workflow and security
  • Reporting –standard and ad hoc reporting customizable to all project and cross-project information
  • Multi-site management – easily create virtual portals for different business division without additional server hardware or middleware


  • More than planning, more than sharing – improve performance throughout the project life cycle
  • Increase visibility and control while reducing project risk
  • Lower operational costs
  • Save time, increase productivity and quality
  • Easy, secure access to all project communication and information for timely action
  • Effectively manage multiple projects across multiple enterprises

About Trilog Group

Trilog Group, Inc. is a leading provider of collaborative project management solutions for IBM platforms. Its award-winning solution, ProjExec, offers an integrated professional project management environment that allows project teams to improve efficiencies and better execute projects. Trilog is an IBM Premier Partner and a pioneer in Software-as-a-Service-based solutions on the IBM platform delivering enterprise-class security and reliability to small and medium-sized businesses. Trilog Group is available on the Web at


  • Reducing operating costs
  • Improve performance throughout the cycle of project management
  • Managing multiple projects effectively


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