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DMA Document Management System (DMS) is based on the proven IBM FileNet Content Manager. The centralized document repository where users can post and retrieve documents, scanned images, PDF files, and virtually all digitised media in the system with strong security and access control. It combines powerful document management with ready-to-use workflow and process capabilities to automate and drive your content-related tasks and activities.

It is the foundation of Knowledge Management (KM).

User workplace


IBM FileNet Workplace XT: The Web 2.0 based user experience for FileNet P8 is centered around the needs of the modern ECM knowledge worker user interface.

Active content: Unique FileNet® capability to proactively move content and content-related business tasks through a business process without requiring human initiation.

Full lifecycle management: Manages and controls the complete content lifecycle to improve efficiency and ensure compliance in content-related tasks such as publishing, expiration and retention. Maintains complete audit trails to meet regulatory mandates.

Transformation and rendition services: Provides automated content publishing into multiple universal formats such as HTML and PDF.

Unified repository and metadata model: Delivers a single, unified content repository. Provides a comprehensive and streamlined search, repurposing and application development environment.


  • The Web 2.0 based user experience
  • Integration with the Microsoft Office 2007 suite
  • Combines content, process and compliance resources as native capabilities, enabling content to be dynamically managed


  • Processing work faster while significantly reducing processing costs.
  • Improving productivity by drastically reducing the time spent looking for information
  • Reducing the costs associated with managing and accessing all forms of content
  • Ensuring information security, accuracy


  • Reducing operating costs
  • Reacting instantly to customer demands
  • Productivity gain  - Ability to search across multiple file cabinets within the library and receive a single view of the results
  • Zero learning time - users can work in the applications that they are accustomed to, such as MS Office,. They can use these applications to open or save documents directly from the DMS, making use of the industry standard ODM
  • Asset Protection - Strong security model and access control
    Check-in and check-out functions to ensure document integrity when multiple users want to edit or manage the same document simultaneously.
  • Compliance and Risk Mitigation - audit trail of activity
    Ability to capture documents with a simple drag-and-drop onto a desktop icon
  • Shorten processing time - Support of sophisticated workflow processes by leveraging FileNet Process Engine (optional)

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