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Course Management System


DMA Course Management System is a web-based application for managing student and teacher profiles, course development, enrollment logistics and reporting.

The System also powers your external web site, extending your business to the Internet.  Students and Teachers can access your web site.  You can maximize your business via the online enrolment and payment facility of the System. 

The system is very user-friendly and self-explanatory.


DMA Course Management System is the ideal solution for training and education centers. It supports student and teahcer management, programme and course management, and course enrolment and payment. Being a totally web based system, no client software except for a web browser is required. Students and Teachers can access your web site.  You can maximize your business via the online enrolment and payment facility of the System.


Course/Programme Management



  • Operation Dashboard:
    Provides highlighted items in Dash Places;
    Provides attendance management and printing functions;
    Dash Places support drag-and-drop, collapse & expand, column sorting and display. Dash Places includes:
    > Course Today
    > Trail Class Today
    > New Class
    > New Student Today
    > Last Class> Happy Birthday To

  • Student Contact Management:
    Multiple search filters to discover students
    Create/Edit students
    Sibling relationships building
    Credit Balance enquiry
    Drop-out management with history recording
    Export students’ records to Excel for marketing aim
  • Teacher Management:
    Multiple search filters to discover teachers
    Create/Edit teachers
    Teachers’ holidays management
    Individual teacher weekly schedule enquiry
  • Course Development and Management:
    Multiple search filters to discover courses
    Create/Edit courses
    Auto-generate course code
    Manage course fees
    Define course schedules
    Define teachers to courses
    Quick query courses by Week; Weekday; Room & Teacher
  • Course Enrollment and Management:
    Multiple search filters to discover courses and students enrollment records
    Monthly enrollment listing is provided
    Capacity listing is provided
    Age range listing is provided
    Payment Status (Total Payment; Partial Payment and Outstanding Payment) listing is provided
    Course type (FULL; TRIAL; MAKE-UP) classification is provided
    Discount management
    Course fee pro-rata adjustment
    Enrollment cancellation with credit transfer to sibling
    Order Receipts and Reminder Notes generation and printing
    Monthly auto enrollment by batch mode is provided
  • Reporting (Real time in HTML format):
    Enrollment Report
    Student Report – by Active/Inactive; by Drop-out; by Trial Attend and Keep Enroll; by trial Attend and no Enroll
    Income Report
    Outstanding Report
    Enrollment Cancellation Log Report
  • System Administration:
    Staff Management with role assignment
    System setting
    Audit Trail
    Course enrolment page


  • - Web based with zero client side installation. Ease the deployment process and without access boundaries
  • - Provide a unified and secured platform to manage students, teachers, courses and enrolments
  • - Flexible enrolment management to drive business opportunities
  • - Automatic course fee calculation and adjustment to achieve accurate business forecast
  • -  Comprehensive reporting to strengthen the business suggestion
  • - Flexible access role assignment can easily achieve job decentralisation


  • Complete solution for running a training / education center
  • Dramatically shorten the course enrolment time
  • Improve course marketing and sales
  • Instant snapshot of business performance

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